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Everyday Carry Universal Mobile Phone Case Strap Lanyard Crossbody

Everyday Carry Universal Mobile Phone Case Strap Lanyard Crossbody

Say goodbye to the days of digging through your bag for your phone or worrying about dropping it while juggling groceries and spilling coffee. The Everyday Carry Mobile phone strap is here to revolutionize the way you carry your tech! Compatible with most smartphone cases, this nifty gadget clasps your phone like a koala bear, keeping it snug and secure.

Out for a stroll or a shopping spree? The adjustable nylon lanyard hangs out with you, draping comfortably around your neck or across your body, stretching up to a cool 120cm. It’s like your phone’s personal bodyguard that doubles as a fashion accessory!

Assembly is a breeze! Just pop the translucent PVC-like pad onto the back of your phone’s cover, slide it through the charging hole, and snap your phone back into its case. Click! The metal buckle and the 7mm Nylon cord are now besties, and you’re ready to roll.

Charge on the go? Check. Easy detachment? Double-check. With a choice of black or light gold, this cord is the chameleon of the accessory world, ready to match any outfit and make a statement.

Get your hands on the “EDC Mobile Phone Strap” and keep your phone in check, in style, and in reach. Because your phone deserves a hug too!

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